Do You Pay Sales Tax When Buying a House? Everything You Need to Know About Real Estate Transactions

Friday Jun 17th, 2022


There are a lot of questions that come up when you're buying a house. Do you need to pay sales tax? What is the process for buying a home? How much money do you need to buy a house? In this blog post, we'll answer all of those questions and more! We'll go over the entire real estate transaction process, from start to finish. So whether you're just starting your research or are ready to make an offer on your dream home, this blog post has everything you need! Having said that, let's get started.

What is a Real Estate Transaction?

A real estate transaction is defined as "the transfer of legal title of real property from one person to another." In other words, it's the sale of a piece of property. The process of buying a home  can be complicated, but we'll break it down into simple steps to make it easier to understand. Let's start by taking a look at the process of buying a home.

What is The Process of Buying a Home

When it comes to buying a home, the process can be broken down into a few simple steps. These steps are as follows:

Figure out your budget and get pre-approved for a loan

Before you start looking at homes, you'll need to figure out how much you can afford to spend. Once you have a budget in mind, you can get pre-approved for a loan. This will give you an idea of what kind of interest rate you can expect to pay on your mortgage.

Look for a Home That Suits Your Needs

Once you know  how much you can afford to spend, you can start looking for a home that fits your budget. The best places to look for homes include  real estate websites, classified ads, and brokerages. Be sure to be active in attending private showrooms and taking advantage of open house opportunities to get first hand connections with potential home sellers. If you reside within the city of Mississauga, I strongly urge that you check out our Ultimate Guide For Mississauga Open Houses.

Make an Offer on a Home

After you've found a home that you're interested in, it's time to make an offer. The seller will usually have their own real estate agent, who will help them counter any offers that come in. If the seller accepts your offer, you'll move on to the next step in the process.

Get a Home Inspection

Once your offer has been accepted, you'll need to get a home inspection. This is important because it will help you identify any potential problems with the property before you buy it. Be sure to hire a qualified inspector who can give you an accurate report.

Finalize the Sale

The final step  in the process is to finalize the sale. This includes signing  all of the necessary paperwork and transferring the deed to your name. Once that's done, you'll be the proud owner of your new home!

Paying Sales Tax When Buying a House

When it comes to paying sales tax when buying a house the main fact to note is that there is no HST on resale transactions and only partial tax on new purchases. In most, if not all cases on a new transaction the HST is already included in the builder's price and is not in addition to. If however, the builder can prove that the purchaser is purchasing for their personal use the builder will be rebated part of the tax. This, of course, needs to be verified if the new purchase is for an investor. If it is, then the builder doesn’t get the rebate and the tax is passed on to the purchaser.

In regard to Land Transfer Tax, the city of Toronto also has a municipal land transfer tax which is almost equal to the provincial tax. Also, there are first time buyer transfer tax incentives provided both by provincial and Toronto municipal governments.

Do You Pay Sales Tax When Buying a House in Ontario? - The Verdict

All in all, as you can see, there are a few different taxes that you'll need to pay when buying a house in Ontario. However, if you're aware of these taxes ahead of time, they shouldn't come as a surprise. Just remember to factor them into your budget so that you're prepared when it comes time to  make an offer on a home.

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